How to get to Tinos

There are flights to the airport of Athens and the island of Mykonos.

There is a bus service from the airport to the port of Rafina. The bus tickets is 3 euros and it takes approx. 25′ – 30′. A taxi costs approx.40 euros (during the day – as it is more expensive after midnight) and it takes approx. 30′-45′ (depending on traffic).
Regular boats take approx. 4 hours (via Andros) and 2 hours with the fast boat
Regular boat tickets are 21 – 25 euros per person (one way) – fast boat appox.50 euros


The is no bus service from the airport.
A taxi will take 10′ and it will cost 8 – 10 euros.
Regular boats take approx. 35′ and fast boats 10′.
Regular boat costs 7 euros and fast boat 11 euros.

* Please ask us about boats schedule, as it varies depending on the time of year