Tinos, Cyclades, information about the island


Tinos is a wonderful island in the Cyclades cluster, considered one of the up-and-coming vacation spots in Greece. What is most surprising about Tinos Greece, is that it possesses all the characteristics that visitors are looking for in a Greek Island holiday spot, without the hustle and bustle of the major tourist resorts.

The island of Tinos is also world-famous for its art (mainly sculpture, painting and basket-weaving), as well as its architecture, particularly its intricately-decorated dovecots, marble and stone-brick houses, narrow alleyways and staircases, and marble signs. These features can be seen throughout the capital, Tinos Town, as well as in the villages, such as the mountainous Arnados, Dyo Choria, Agapi, Kambos, Isternia, Pyrgos, Koumaros, Xynara, Triandaros, Kardiani, the seaside villages of Kionia, Koumelas, Panormos, the amazing natural beauty of Volax, Komi, Loutra and Livada villages, and the holiday resort villages of Agios Romanos, Agios Sostis, Agios Ioannis Porto and Kolymbithra.

The Tinian house is distinguished for its simplicity and its functionalism. Usually it is comprised of a spacious room, which is used as the welcoming area and from smaller rooms according to the various needs of the owners. The kitchen with the fireplace and the courtyard also comes to complement it. The courtyard is always in the front of the house and it never faces the north. Usually the floors communicate between them with an internal staircase. The houses also have very beautiful chimneys. The furnishing of the house is relatively simple and is comprised with the absolutely necessary.

The dovecotes of Tinos are admirable. There are dovecotes in many of the Cycladic islands but the most and the biggest are found on Tinos. The Tinians maintained and still maintain the doves, mainly for their tasty meat but also for their excrements, which make excellent manure. They are built on the mountainsides and decorate the landscape beautifully. They are rock built bulky constructions their lower part is used as a storage room and the higher for the housing for the pigeons.

On Tinos, you will find some of the most pristine beaches in the Cyclades, and very picturesque villages that are still active, even though the main concentration of commercial businesses are in Tinos Town. The island also possesses several wonderful natural areas, where fields of wild flowers, lush groves, and rugged hillsides are perfect places for nature walks.

Tinos is particularly famous for its Church of Panagia Evangelistria, where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is displayed. Thousands of people from Greece and abroad come to Tinos Island to pray to the Virgin Mary to cure them of ailments or to ask for aid in a difficult situation. When visiting the island, you may see many pilgrims crawling on their hands and knees from Tinos Port to the church as a sign of devotion. Concerning the churches and the bell towers it is judged that the systematic research has not yet been completed and is very hard to be achieved due to the fact that is has a large volume in material and number, considering that two dogmas exist on the island.

Delicacies. Louzes from smoked pork, stuffed vine leaves, sea food, home made lasagna, sun dried tomatoes, froutalia omellete. Sweet cheese pies, crushed almond and marzipan confectionaries called “amygdalota”, greek delight meringue ‘pastelli’ in lemon leaves, dried figs and thyme honey are some of the local products and specialties!

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